I create site specific installations that evoke a ritual experience in the viewer. They capture the interchange of human creativity and nature’s expression. My intention is to provide a contemplative space that promotes an awareness shift in the audience.
My work seeks to fosters an awareness of the interconnectedness between ourselves and the natural world. My large-scale images of seed pods, bark and other overlooked natural objects give them a surprising agency. I want to show that even the most fragile elements in nature can take center stage and hold power in the campaign for the survival of life on the planet.


"Cohen installs her work to create a space of awe and contemplation, what she calls “sacred space.” The reference is to a practice that dwells in the realm between the physical and spiritual worlds, linking our plane of existence with a higher plane."

Alla Efimova, PhD, Curator and Founder of KunstWorks.

New Catalog: Gestures to the Divine: Reflections on Eco-Spirituality 


Gestures to the Divine: Reflections on Eco-Spirituality is available for purchase at the Doug Adams Gallery, 2465 LeConte Avenue, Berkeley (open Tuesday – Thursday, 10am-3pm). To purchase on-line, please contact the Center for the Arts & Religion, care@gtu.edu. Cost: $25 + tax, or free as a gift with membership to the Center for the Arts & Religion (minimum donation $100). 


Paperback: 109 pages (33 pages color photographs)

Publisher: Graduate Theological Union, printed by Edition One (October 3, 2018)

Language: English